What is Wubby?

Wubby is an ecosystem of software components and services for rapid development of everyday objects.


Everyday objects are physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to collect and exchange data. A network of everyday objects is also known as Internet of Things (IoT).

At the core of this ecosystem is Wubby VM, that runs in the heart of an everyday object, the microcontroller. Its main duty is simple, to provide a hardware agnostic environment for the creation of interoperable applications inside each everyday object.


And to make things even better, Wubby VM has built-in Python support, so programming an everyday object becomes as simple as writing a Python script.

But how one can develop and install an application for an everyday object? And how these everyday objects can be managed? Here the Wubby VM friends come to the rescue:

Wubby IDE is a platform independent development environment for configuration, debugging and simulation of everyday objects

Wubby Cloud is a bunch of protocols and web services for application deployment and backend device management

Wubby Client is the main tool for user interaction with everyday objects including managing them and installing/updating new apps

Key features of Wubby

Designed for Professionals

Expect powerful toolset, fast development with platform agnostic IDE, interactive debugging and much more.

Integrated Cloud Services

Super fast application deployment and backend management using state or the art cloud services out of the box.

Batteries Included

Robust implementation of Python 3.4 with all the required modules for i/o, connectivity, configuration.

Security Everywhere

Designed to be secure. From the file system storage up to the connectivity protocols.

Why choose Wubby?

Designed to create robust and

secure products for IoT

Can easily support any new

protocol for IoT

Fast design cycles, write it once,

run it everywhere

Comprehensive libraries out

of the box

Easy for beginners, powerful

for pros

Fast and secure

application deployment

Complete ecosystem integrated, from the device up to the cloud

Internet connection is not required, traffic can be sent locally

See how Wubby works

Ok, so let’s get inside the Wubby world to see how all these components work together. Since most of us enjoy  better the visual information than plain text, we created a “how it works” video for Wubby!


After watching this video and you need to go deeper into the technical details, the Docs page contains everything you need to know about Wubby, from the initial setup up to the protocols and APIs description.