4.5. An example of the application update process using the Wubby Client (Developer role)ΒΆ


To access the Wubby Client please point your browser to

In this example we will add the application created in the “Wubby VM Tutorial” section and we will set it as the running application of our device.

Step 1: Login as developer


Step 2: Register your device

  • Find the uuid placed on the device.
  • Select “Register device” and enter the uuid of the device.

Step 3: Add a new application

  • In the “Add new Application” form insert the application name and the corresponding files. In this example we have added an application with the “test_wubby_Temperature” name that can run on the device we registered in step 2. The file of the application is the main.py.

Step 4: Install the application

  • Select “Browse your devices”. In the list you will find the newly registered device, which will have a default running application (see “Add a product” section for more details on how the default application is assigned).
  • Select “Uploaded Applications”. You will find the “test_wubby_Temperature v1” in the list of the uploaded applications.
  • Install the application to the device by pressing “Install”.
  • The device will receive the command to update its running application and as soon as it downloads the application files, it will start running it.