5.4. Customer Dashboard

Below the user can see the Customer Dashboard


5.4.1. Quick Access… Full control of your devices

In this current view, customer has an overview of his devices’ current status. The view is updated every five seconds.


5.4.2. My Places

This entity is a virtual representation of a physical place where Smart Devices are deployed. When you first click on My Places tab, you will have to create a new Place where your devices will be installed.


In the next page you will have to fill a name for your place, as shown below, and click ‘register’.


If the place you created is registered successfully you will see a success message and the list with your places will be refreshed.


The next step is to click on your new place to start enjoying the Wubby Cloud Services and have full control on your devices.


As you can see above, there are two tabs one called “WUBBY DEVICES” and another one called “WUBBY RECIPES”.

5.4.3. Easy Configuration of the Wubby Devices

The first step of a Wubby enabled device when it starts its operation is to gain network connectivity so it can grant access to the Wubby Cloud. For this reason, we have created a Setup Wizard, so that you can easily configure your newly purchased devices.


There are three options for the initial network (Wi-Fi) setup:

  1. Soft AP (Access Point method). Follow the steps that described below
_images/setup_method.png _images/soft_ap.png

Click the “FILL WIFI CREDENTIALS” button to set Wi-Fi Settings and click “submit” and “Finish” to exit the wizard.


Now your device is ready to be used.

B) WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup method). To initiate WPS, SW1 and SW2 buttons should be pressed simultaneously.

  1. Via the Wubby IDE. See section Configuring the WiFi settings of the device for detailed instructions.

Now, after returning to the previous page, if the newly configured Wubby device is on the same network with the Wubby Client, it will be discovered and it will be ready to be registered in our created place.


Your registered devices will appear in the smart place where they were added as shown in the following figure.


Based on the product category where the device belongs, you will see a related product icon. By clicking on the device icon, you will have full control of the Wubby Device.


As the image above illustrates, you have the following options:

  • Reset your Wubby Device to the factory default settings
  • Give your device a friendly name
  • Access the Application Manager

A customer can purchase compatible with his devices applications.


He can also install/uninstall or remove an application from his device.

  • Control your device

Based on the tags that are associated with the current (installed) application running on the Wubby Device, a dynamic control dashboard is built, highlighting the available controllers. For example, the application running on the device shown in the figure below measures the temperature and controls a switch.


Clicking on the switch you can see its current status and change its value in real time.


Similarly, clicking on the thermometer controller, you can check the current temperature as captured by the temperature sensor of the device.


5.4.4. Wubby Recipes

Wubby Client v.1.4 has introduced the use of scenarios for an autonomous operation of the Wubby devices in order to perform specific user defined chained actions. These scenarios, the so called “recipies” are inspired by the IFTTT (if this, then that) service and is a cool way to program your device, without having to add a single line of code.


Let’s Discover them!

In the “Wubby Recipes” section, you can edit a recommended recipe or create a new one.


By clicking the icon_plus button, you can create a new Wubby Recipe.

Let’s create a new Recipe with an “if…then…” scenario that captures the current temperature and activates a relay on a device if the temperature is out of the specified range [0-30 Celsious in our case].

_images/create_recipe.png _images/create_recipe1.png

Make sure that you check your recipe before clicking “finish”, so that both devices and triggers/actions are correct.


If the recipe was registered successfully, you will see a list of available recipies where the one you created is included.


As you observe, the recipe is by default not active. Click on the icon_switch to activate the recipe and see the created scenario running on your device.


Clicking on the icon_eye icon above, you can check the current status of the devices that take part in this recipe.


5.4.5. Profile

Returning back to the main Dashboard, you can see your profile and your devices and change your email info.


5.4.6. About

Below, users can see the Wubby About and Contact info.


5.4.7. Wubby Documentation

At any time users can have acces to the wubby documentation.


5.4.8. Logout

If the user clicks on the logout option at the Customer Menu, the application redirects the user back to the login page.