5.2. Registration

In order to grant access to Wubby services a user has to log-in. If the user doesn’t own an account, he has to create one. To do so, he has to select the “No account yet? Register now” link, which can be found below the Login Button:


The user can register as Customer or Developer.

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5.2.1. Registration Example

Register as Customer

Username: Fill in the username that will be used when logging into Wubby (>5 characters).

Password: Fill in the password associated with the above username.

Confirm Password: Fill in the password you entered above.

Email: Fill in your email address.

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After a successfull registration, a success message will appear and the user will be redirected to the login page. Otherwise a failure message will appear, notifying the user that the credentials were invalid.

If the user wants to register as a developer, he has to select “REGISTER AS DEVELOPER” option and then follow the same procedure.