5.6. Administrator Dashboard

Users can have access to the Administrator’s Dashboard as shown below:


At the left top side there is a navigation bar providing some options which the administrator has access to.


5.6.1. Control Apps

Admin can check the developed apps with each description in the Wubby Market as shown below


5.6.2. About

Admin can also check the Wubby About and Contact info as shown below


5.6.3. Supported Products

Finally, admin can have an overview of all the supported products

-In the left column of the table admin can check the Product Name.

-In the right column of the table admin can check the Default App of the product.


5.6.4. Wubby Documentation

Users can browse the wubby documentation, related to the wubby client.

5.6.5. Logout

If a user clicks on Logout option at Admin Menu, the application redirects the user back to login page.